CBD Honey Straws (single)


  • CBD infused honey straws (CBD edibles)
  • 10mg CBD
  • US-grade honey
  • One per pack

Get the sweet taste of Californian honey and the wellbeing-boosting effects of high-grade CBD with our CBD honey straws.

These US-grade CBD honey straws are created in California, using delicious Californian honey infused with 10mg CBD.

Coming in a single-serve pack, our CBD honey straws are a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD at home and on-the-go. Simply stir into your favourite hot drink or squeeze into your favourite foods.


Stir and melt your CBD honey straw into hot drinks or add to your favourite recipes and food.


CBD honey sticks allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a sweet, sticky way, including:

Improved mood
Relaxed mind
Boosted immune system
Stress and anxiety relief

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