Budslife 50Mg CBD Patches


These CBD patches are entirely unscented, providing you with a discreet way to take CBD, whether you are in the office, at a social event or travelling.

CBD Patches 50mg provide you with an alternative to orally-administered CBD oils, helping you avoid unpleasant bitter tastes in your mouth so common with oral tinctures.

  • More than 50mg of CBD per patch!
  • 14 patches per box, for a total of 700mg active cannabidiol
  • Zero per cent THC content for peace of mind
  • Discreet, odourless patch for wearing in any situation
  • Slow-release action


CBD Patches 50Mg provide you with a substantial dose of cannabidiol directly through the skin – no need for sublingual or oral ingestion of any kind – making it ideal for those who do not like the taste of CBD.

These CBD patches provide 50mg of pure CBD oil in each patch. Each box contains 14 patches, offering a considerable 700 mg of CBD oil per box.

These CBD Patches have an excellent safety record – perfect for people who are looking for ways to improve their health via alternative means. They do not contain THC and provide purely medicinal effects. They do not contain any psychoactive derivates of the hemp plant.

CBD Patches administer cannabidiol through the skin gradually in contrast to oral varieties. The rate of absorption is rate-limited by the skin, providing your body with an infusion all day and night following a single administration.

CBD Patches 50mg is ideal for people who have digestive issues. Topical CBD administration bypasses the gut entirely, absorbing directing into the bloodstream. Furthermore, evidence suggests that transdermal absorption gets underway faster than digestion through the lining of the stomach, providing more rapid relief in problem areas.